World Cup 2018: Why Are Many Footballers Embracing Tattoos?

Tattoos are not uncommon among celebrities but in the world of soccer 8years ago, it wasn’t rampant. Down the line, many footballers are now tattooing their bodies. Although it is a free world, I wonder what the motive behind such paintings all over the body or part.

In World Cup 2018, we have seen so many players of different national teams with all sort of drawings over the body. Talented Lionel Messi isn’t left out. Years back, Messi looked clean and wasn’t keeping beards. But suddenly everything changed. Some referred to it as “join bad gang.”

Messi isn’t the only big name in football that has a tattoo all over the body. Neymar of Brazil alongside some of his teammates also has numerous drawings all over their bodies. Do anyone else also noticed that many players in this World Cup Russia 2018 has drawings in their body either whole or part? The question is why do they tattoo their body?