France Vs Belgium: Where Does Thierry Henry's Loyalty Lie?

Twenty years after winning the world cup as a player, he is on the verge of winning it as a coach but this time as a temporary enemy of his country.

He is assistant (third coach) to Belgium boss Roberto Martinez. He is the most decorated staff member, with a Champions League and five league titles and a European Champion.

France will go against Belgium on Tuesday semi-final. With Thierry Henry on the side on his employers, much more can be said if he truly made the right decision to stick to Belgium.

Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud feels he can make Henry regret his decision.

"It is bizarre to have Thierry against us in this match," Giroud told reporters. "I would be very proud to show Thierry that he chose the wrong camp."

France and Belgium have been the most impressive teams so far and they have been tipped to produce the winner of the world cup. It so unfortunate that both sides are meeting at this stage. It is just like a final before the final.

France eliminated South America giant Argentina and rugged neighbors Uruguay while Belgium also eliminated an overrated Brazil, another South America team.

France has played neighboring Belgium 73 times, but the teams haven't met in three years - and hadn't met in a competitive game since the 1986 World Cup.

France left-back Lucas Hernandez has said Thierry Henry will still be happy if Les Bleus beat Roberto Martinez's men to reach the World Cup final.

But some fans think Henry want to prove a point to the French nation that he can take charge of the national team and that he deserves a spot there.

The loyalty of Henry is truly tested here, nationalism ahead of professionalism? Time will tell.