England Club, Bristol Rovers Accidentally Screens Adult Station

Football fans, many of whom were children got more than they bargained for when an X-rated channel Babestation was tuned during half-time of Tuesday’s fixture between Bristol Rovers and Crawley.

The controversy took place inside the clubhouse at the Memorial Stadium.

Metro UK reported that Rovers supporters found themselves watching adult scenes in the bar after a prankster managed to change the channel on the screens with a universal remote device at half-time.

In a statement by Bristol Rovers, they confirmed they have launched an investigation into how clubhouse televisions showed adult channel Babestation during half-time of Tuesday's Carabao Cup win against Crawley.

'The club believes that someone that was attending in the bar was using a universal remote device to affect the TV output.

'The matter will be fully investigated, however, the club believes that they have photographic evidence of the individual concerned and they will be dealt with appropriately.'

Many Supporters tweeted videos and pictures showing the adult channel being aired in the clubhouse and bars.